Kolkata to Host 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain

The 8th International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain (ICRA Pain-2024) will be held in Kolkata, organized by Daria Pain Hospital in Rajarhat. It will be attended by 250 pain specialists from home and abroad.

In the Press Conferenceart Press Club Kolkata, besides Dr. Gautam Das, Dr. Shuvomay Nanda, Dr. Niru Nepal, Dr. Bindu Chauhan and Dr B.S. Saba Ahmed are also present. With its gaze fixed unwaveringly on repairing the maladies of damaged or degenerated joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, Regeneration Therapy stands as a testament to the wonders of medical progress. Whether wear and tear wrought by time or the scars left by sports injuries, this therapeutic marvel harnesses the power of the human body itself. Blood, the life force that courses through our veins, offers a wellspring of healing potential. Through the art of extraction and separation, we unveil the hidden treasures within our own anatomy platelets infused with a unique growth factor called alpha granules. These humble entities hold the key to regeneration, breathing life into the wounded recesses of our being and bestowing upon us relief from pain’s unyielding grasp. Where steroid injections merely offer temporary respite, Regeneration Therapy unveils a more enduring remedya solace that stands the test of time.

Chronic pain does not discriminate based on age alone. Even the young among us often find themselves ensnared in its merciless grip. Dr. Gautam Das, a paragon of wisdom in the realm of Interventional Pain Management, reaffirms this truth. Together, we strive to forge a path towards relief, combining the power of analytical medications and surgical interventions. However, we must remember that pain medication serves as a mere fleeting interlude-a temporary refuge from the storm. Dr. Gautam Das asserts that within the realm of Interventional Pain Management lies a beacon of hope: Regeneration Therapy.

And as we dance upon the precipice of medical advancement, a new luminary emerges – Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy. Among the illustrious pantheon of treatment methods that comprise Interventional Pain Management, this method shines bright, illuminating a path towards relief. Beside it stands Ozone Nucleolysis, PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), Selective Nerve Root Block, Percutaneous Microdiscectomy, and Radiofrequency Neurotomy – each playing their unique part in the symphony of healing.

Within the realm of pain management lies a world of possibility, where suffering evolves into strength and resilience. Through the gentle touch of Interventional Pain Management, we glimpse a future free from the shackles that pain imposes upon us. Step by step, we stride towards a reality where pain no longer defines us, embracing a brighter tomorrow where the melody of life sings with renewed vigor.