IFA Collabs with Shrachi Sports to Transform Bengal Football

The Indian Football Association (IFA) and Shrachi Sports have announced a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the football landscape in Bengal.

This partnership represents a significant leap forward in the advancement of football in the region, blending the expertise and resources of Shrachi Sports with the esteemed legacy and forward-looking vision of the Indian Football Association.

With a shared commitment to nurturing talent, advancing the sport at grassroots levels, and enriching the overall footballing experience, both organizations are poised to elevate the standard of football across the nation.

In a significant development, the Indian Football Association (IFA) and Shrachi Sports have announced a collaborative effort to co-organize the Kolkata Football League, IFA Shield, and Kolkata Futsal League for a duration of three years. This partnership is poised to bring forth a new era characterized by remarkable enthusiasm, inventive approaches, and outstanding performance standards in Bengal football.

Mr. Subrata Dutta, Chairman, IFA said, “We warmly welcome Shrachi Sports on board, recognizing the crucial role of corporate collaboration in advancing sports to greater heights. We are confident that this partnership will unlock boundless possibilities and propel us to unprecedented achievements.”

Statement from Mr. Rahul Todi (Managing Director, Shrachi Sports):
“We are thrilled to embark on this landmark collaboration with the Indian Football Association. Together, we aspire to revolutionize football in Bengal, empowering players, engaging fans, and cultivating a culture of excellence at every stage.”

Statement from Mr. Ajit Banerjee (President, IFA):
“We extend our heartfelt welcome to Shrachi Sports and eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration. Together, we look forward to achieving remarkable milestones in Bengal football.

Mr. Anirban Dutta, General Secretary, IFA said,
“This alliance heralds a new dawn for Bengal football and, by extension, Indian football. With Shrachi Sports’ expertise and dedication, we are poised to unleash the full potential of our sport, from grassroots initiatives to elite competitions.”

Mr. Tamal Ghoshal, Chairman, Shrachi Sports said, “This partnership represents a concerted effort to elevate football in Bengal to new heights. Through this alliance, we aim to explore every avenue and opportunity to enhance the footballing landscape in our region.”

Both Indian Football Association and Shrachi Sports the are excited about the transformative impact this collaboration will have on the footballing community in Bengal and beyond.