Music Video ‘Ora Sobai Durga’ Released

Within every woman resides a Goddess and they are the source of creation Durga. Durga is one who protects us from calamity or crisis. Durga is one who possesses the power to slay demons. A music video Ora Sobai Durga, produced by Rahul Productions, was released at Press Club in Kolkata on 18th October. The character of Maa Durga has been played by Sucharita Sarkar. The music video shocases that women are powerful, righteous and courageous.

According to the Puranas, sometimes she is “Sohosrabhuja”, “Trinsotibhuja”, “Binsotibhuja”, “Ostadoshbhuja”, “Sorosbhuja”, “Ostobhuja”, “Choturbhuja” or sometimes “Dosobhuja.” In fact, the reservoir of Durga Shakti is not just the number of arms, Durga’s Shakti is in her mind, in her thoughts. If required her “Annapurna Narayani Murti” does not shy away from forming a fierce form at the time of need.

Santanu Nandy (Director) said that, “This music video, Ora Sobai Durga, aimed to create a visual experience that not only complements the music but also tells a unique story of The Durga in every woman. Amazingly conceptualised by Amit Das, we poured our hearts and creativity into every frame, and I hope this video resonates with you as much as it resonated with us. We celebrate the strength, resilience, and power of woman that makes them. A ‘Durga’. It’s a tribute to the unbreakable spirit that defines them. Our team poured their hearts into creating a visual narrative that echoes the message of empowerment and magnificent Womahood”.

*Pratik Kundu (Music)* said that, “As a composer, my music has always been my voice. Today, I’m thrilled to let it speak through this visual masterpiece. This music video is a culmination of passion, creativity, and artistry, and I hope it resonates with your hearts as deeply as it does with mine. Music has the power to inspire, to empower, and to uplift. With this music video, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and unbreakable spirit of women everywhere. Through the language of melody and visuals, we share a message of empowerment, a tribute to the indomitable force that is womanhood. Let this video be a testament to the courage and grace of all the incredible women who have walked this path and those who continue to blaze the trail. You are all Durga, Truly”.

Unfortunately, society is filled with minds that continue undermining their voice. Women are still being killed in the womb, women are being sold, women are judged for their choices. It’s disheartening to see this hypocrisy around us. Does it really make sense to worship her when you don’t understand what she truly stands for?

This video of ours is about all the ‘Doshobhuja Durga’. Our Durga’s are constantly fighting against all evil forces in the form of demons of society. Sometimes a sportsman, sometimes a cab driver, sometimes a girl working in a cafe, sometimes a eunuch, sometimes a civic police, sometimes a food delivery girl, sometimes a judge sitting in the highest position of law, sometimes a labourer, sometimes an independent girl and sometimes a prostitute.’ They are all Durga’.
The eleven actresses who play the lead roles in our ‘ORA SOBAI DURGA’ music video are all newcomers. Every Woman has a Durga within, so it doesn’t matter how experienced she is or if she is a newbie, what matters is how close to the character she is. Actually “they are all Durga”.