Orchids International School Newtown Organizes Cybersecurity Masterclass for Students

Orchids The International School Newtown, one of India’s leading K-12 school chains, organized a cybersecurity masterclass for their students on 12th April. The students were empowered with vital knowledge about cybersecurity and how to negotiate online threats at a workshop conducted by experts from Institution for Cyber Legal Training and Consultancy.

The workshop took the students on a crash-course on network security, data protection, threat detection and response, incident management, and compliance regulations. The workshop also covered the best practices for securing systems and data, such as implementing strong passwords, using encryption, and regularly updating software and security patches.

Students of Orchids International School Newtown at Cybersecurity Masterclass

Conveying his thoughts on the session, Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Director, Institution for Cyber Legal Training and Consultancy said, “Our goal with this program extends beyond conventional approaches to cybersecurity education. We aspire to redefine how students view cybersecurity – not merely as a technical subject, but as an engaging and relevant experience. Through our workshop, we aim to cultivate a genuine passion for cybersecurity, one that surpasses theoretical knowledge to touch upon practical application. By leveraging innovative teaching methods, we seek to demonstrate the importance and real-world impact of cybersecurity, inspiring students to pursue it as a lifelong interest.”

This cybersecurity workshop demonstrated Orchids’ dedication to innovative teaching and its dedication to a dynamic and cyber-safe learning environment. By bringing in the expertise, the event also aimed to inspire educators to explore new teaching methodologies that go beyond traditional approaches, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Ms. Bidyunmala Salunke, Principal, Orchids The International School Newtown, expressing her enthusiasm over the workshop said, “This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing dynamic and engaging learning environments. It goes beyond traditional approaches by equipping educators with innovative tools that directly contribute to our students’ success. The workshop aimed to foster an atmosphere where students not only learn but also thrive, exploring new horizons in their academic journey. In this digital age, our aim is to provide students with the resources they need to excel and embrace the ever-changing landscape of education and technology.”

The workshop had a transformative impact on the students as it provided them with in-depth training on critical security topics, lending them a comprehensive understanding of online threats and the necessary skills to mitigate them. Students showed heightened awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, such as using near-inviolable passwords and being cautious of suspicious activities. The hands-on activities and simulations further reinforced the lessons, empowering the students to become responsible digital citizens.