Paralyzed Patient Makes Remarkable Recovery Following Spinal Procedure at Desun Hospital

Mr. Pratik Mitra, a 32-year-old male, faced a life-altering incident after a fall from the first floor, resulting in a severe cervical spine injury. Rushed to Desun Hospital’s emergency department, Mr. Mitra was diagnosed with a fractured cervical spine, causing significant compression over the cervical spinal cord and rendering him totally paralyzed from the neck down.

Under the skilled care of renowned Dr. Partha Sarathi Mondal, Neuro Surgeon, Desun Hospital an emergency procedure was initiated. Further evaluation revealed, a dislocated fracture in cervical spine which got locked in abnormal position causing persistent compression over spinal cord. Swift action was taken as Mr. Mitra underwent cervical traction to unlock the spine, followed by the critical realignment and fixation of the spine the next day. The surgical procedure was conducted seamlessly, and within three days post-surgery, Mr. Mitra experienced a remarkable improvement in paralysis.

Dr. Mondal emphasized the importance of early intervention, stating, “In cases like Mr. Mitra’s, where the dislocated spine is locked, timely identification, unblocking, and subsequent fixation are crucial to preventing permanent disability. The positive outcome is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our medical team.”
The surgeon expressed his satisfaction, sharing, “Entering my chamber independently walking after 15 days of discharge, Mr Mitra surprised us. It was indeed an immensely gratifying experience. It reinforces our commitment to providing advanced and timely spinal care.”

This success story highlights the efficacy of specialized spinal interventions in mitigating the impact of severe injuries, offering hope to patients facing challenging medical conditions.