Riya Sen Inaugurates Annual Fashion Exhibition of INIFD Lindsay Street

INIFD Lindsay Street oraganized their Annual Fashion Exhibition 2023 on 21st September at institute premises showcasing the creativity and design talent of their students. Renowned actress and model Riya Sen unveiled the exhibition.

Mrs Susan Mantosh and Rapheal Mantosh with Riya Sen at INIFD Lindsay Street Campus

The exhibition showcased the fusion of art, creativity, and fashion as INIFD unveiled their latest collection designed by students. The exhibition was a visual delight and testament of incredible fashion talent nurtured at INIFD Lindsay Street.

INIFD has always been an institute of repute imparting education in Fashion & Interior Designing and over the years, it has produced students who are creative and want to go beyond the ordinary. INIFD, Lindsay Street was created in July 1995 with its corporate headquarters in Chandigarh and has nurtured under the careful eyes of its Directors, Mr. John Mantosh and Mrs. Susan Mantosh.

INIFD has a Global presence with more than 5 Lac Passed outs and 25,000 students passing out every year. Since, the birth of the institute, it has kept up its standards of breeding a generation of young designers, who are now sought-after names in the fashion fraternity. Small wonder then, that at INIFD, there’s every opportunity to bring out the best talent.
However, INIFD, besides imparting training and education in such diverse fields as fashion and interior design, has churned out young designers, who are not only technically sound professionals but also responsible and enterprising individuals. Such students have represented INIFD Lindsay Street In international Fashion shows like New York Fashion Show, Lomdon Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Show.

Mrs. Susan Mantosh, Director of INIFD Lindsay Street, is an extraordinary, creative and versatile lady who has always nurtured this institute with her valuable suggestions and insights. Always help the students to think out of the box so that they can establish a new benchmark in their life. Mr. Rapheal Mantosh, Fashion Stylist Mentor, Center Director associated with INIFD, Lindsay Street Campus. He took time to nurture his signature look and inherit these genes to INIFD students so that they can burgeon in future.
He has introduced this Photo shoot session prior to Fashion show enables students to acquire the in-depth look into the styling world, gathering information that they require to become powerful stylists thus awaking the students about the fashion altogether and acquainting them to strive in this competitive industry.

Exhibitions in INIFD, Lindsay Street are always a visual treat. INIFD, Lindsay Street follows a 360 degree education approach. Exhibitions provide students platforms to showcase their works. They are a window that focuses on the upcoming trends in design industry both for the Fashion and Interior. Students, mentored by respective faculties, bring out best of design solutions keeping in mind the future of design and eco-friendliness. The best part of these exhibitions are that the students do every bit of the work by themselves without any professional help. Therefore the students learn the practical aspects of designing, which makes them ready for handling real projects efficiently.

Actress Riya Sen appreciated creativities and sustainable fasion ideas exhibited by the students.