Shrachi Sports Unveils Official RARH Tigers Jerseys and Fan Anthem

With the Bengal Pro League around the corner, Shrachi Sports unveiled the official ‘RARH Tigers’ jerseys for both the Men’s and Women’s teams on 11th June. This was followed by the debut of the RARH Tigers’ fan anthem, which captures the essence of the teams’ spirit and is sure to resonate with fans and supporters alike. This event was more than just a launch; it was a curtain-raiser that set the stage for the RARH Tigers’ upcoming season, bringing everyone together to cheer on the RARH Tigers.

The fan anthem, a stirring tribute to the teams’ spirit, promises to resonate deeply with fans and supporters, uniting everyone in their support for the RARH Tigers. The event was graced by notable players from both the Men’s and Women’s teams, including Shahbaz Ahmed, a regular player in the Indian cricket team who played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League this year. Adding to the event’s grandeur, the fan anthem was also sung by distinguished artists Shilajit Majumdar and Karthik Das Baul.

“At Shrachi Sports, we understand that a jersey is more than just a piece of clothing for a player; it embodies their identity, spirit, and commitment to the game. It’s a symbol of unity and pride that fuels their passion and performance on the field. With the launch of our new fan anthem, we aim to amplify this enthusiasm, creating an electrifying atmosphere that not only motivates our players but also brings our fans closer to the heart of the game. Together, we celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and the unwavering dedication that defines our team.” – Rahul Todi, Managing Director of Shrachi Sports
Further, Mr. Tamal Ghoshal, Chairman of Shrachi Sports Venture, added, “At Shrachi Sports, we are deeply committed to nurturing grassroots talent by providing financial support to budding players, enabling them to showcase their skills. We are honored to have the backing of our sponsors, such as Jac Olivol Oil. Their support is a testament to the collaborative efforts that drive our success. We look forward to a season filled with passion, determination, and remarkable achievements. Together, let’s roar louder than ever before.”

Mr. Sandip Patil, Cricket Advisor for Shrachi Sports and former Indian cricketer, added, “Today’s launch event is a significant milestone for the RARH Tigers. The unveiling of the official jerseys and the debut of the fan anthem symbolize the passion and commitment of our teams and supporters. I am proud to be a part of this journey with Shrachi Sports.”