Stock Market Expert Prasenjit Paul Writes Book on Multibagger Stocks

Stock Market is a place where fortunes are made & also fortunes are lost! As per the best-selling author Prasenjit Paul, people lose money in the stock market only because of two reasons; lack of adequate knowledge and Greed for earning money quickly! With his latest book, “Multibagger Stocks: How to Multiply Wealth in the Share Market”, published by Penguin Random House, Prasenjit revealed the secrets behind long-term wealth creation along with Do’s & Don’ts to avoid loss In the stock market.

Prasenjit started his investing journey at the early age of 18 & has a history of Identifying several multibagger stocks while multiplying his portfollo by more than 100 times over the last decade. His first book, “How to Avold Loss & Earn Consistently in the Stock Market” was an Instant hit, sold more than 2 Lakhs coples so far & often secured a place on the Amazon bestseller list.

“Multibaggers Stocks” refer to those stocks that generate multiple times returns on investment. In the book, “Multibagger Stocks” Prasenjit Paul illustrated his decade-long investment journey. how he discovered several multibagger stocks & offered Insights into how anyone can travel the wealth creation journey. Written in an easy-to-understand, simple language, the book covers the most important points in investing: where to invest, when to Invest, how long to remain Invested and finally when to exit. The book also offers a checklist to avoid wealth destroyers & how an Investor can safeguard his investment.

The book is released in English & Bengali versions & is available across leading e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart as well as all leading bookstores.

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