A Sunday Sunshine for Living a Lovely Life

If you know yourself well, then you know the world outside you. The physical, emotional, mental and psychological; out of which three are the internal YOU and one is the outside that reflects the inside YOU.

Sometimes you feel connected to everything around you and take situations as they come. This is when you overcome the problems and achieve the goals in life. Yet there are times when you feel disconnected and that is when everything seems lost and faraway.

Why is life like this?

Beautiful, isn’t it? Simple yet complicated. Mystic yet mysterious. Painful yet full of joys. But what is the meaning of all these experiences? Some tell you to accept them, and some tell you to face them, and yet some tell you a story from their lives about similar experiences.

However, the question is, do you know what to do?

Reflect and relate the events that happens to your life and remember the moments when you have achieved success on something you had wished for from your inner self. Understand the ‘why’ part of it.

You visit a place, attend a session, meet new people…, do more such things at times without thinking about the outcome, and then suddenly you realize, “Oh, I see the profit now” – that means something significant you found from those moments which you didn’t plan.

These keep happening with you; a pattern which you may or may not have observed. It’s time that you do. This is life. It gives you opportunities to grow each time you halt.

Let’s never stop.

Let’s always find roads for ourselves, and directions will be hinted to us from within. Each time we do something new, it reveals a new side of our own self to us.

Isn’t that amazing?
Isn’t that true?

(Written by Anindita Bose. Anindita wears many hats. She is an Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Public Relations Expert)

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