Terence Lewis Visits Kolkata to Judge Grand Finale of ‘Born 2 Dance – Dancer’s Paradise’

India’s Biggest Dance Championship – “Born 2 Dance – Dancer’s Paradise” is a Dance Championship with a difference which climaxes into its thunderous conclusion on 3rd September evening at Dhono Dhanyo Auditorium, Kolkata. The Grand Finale of of Born 2 Dance Dancer’s Paradise: A Dance Competition was Judged by Terence Lewis, Bollywood Choreographer along with Saurabh Bangani, DID Fame; Vivek Jaiswal, DID Fame and was attended by: Trina Saha, Actress; Neel Bhattacharya, Actor; Kamlesh Patel, Celebrity Performer, DID Fame; RJ Praveen and many other eminent personalities.

Terence Lewis at Grand Finale of Born 2 Dance

Speaking to the media, SAURABH & VIVEK, DID Fame said, “It’s great the way Born 2 Dance has reached its Finale. The show filtered out in a very tough and challenging way with every round to find the real talent in terms of dancing skill and it was very difficult for us to judge since the competition level was so high. We have awarded the Champion of Champions with a scintillating trophy along with a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. Since we have been a part of many reality shows, we understand the difficulty of being a part of the same. So, we decided to launch Born 2 Dance, where people from all over World could participate in a Dance Competition & get a chance to be groomed and trained by us to become capable of being a part of reality shows too. The sole objective of this event was to bring out the talents of deserving dance aspirants by providing them with a platform through a national level competition and hence we pull out a participation of over 5000 people. We also organized a three-day dance carnival from 1st to 3rd September’23.”

Speaking about the event, Terence Lewis, Bollywood Choreographer said, “Born 2 Dance is the brain child of SAURABH & VIVEK, Fame – DID Doubles Finalists who themselves had been a part of many reality shows and won many of them too. The sole objective of this event is to bring out the talents of deserving dance aspirants by providing them with a platform through a World level competition. Born 2 Dance will not only find the expert dance performers of the future, but gave them a real break at the very start of their professional careers, and the opportunity to perform in front of leading experts in their field by taking Dance to a different level altogether.”

Winners of the Grand Finale:

• CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS – YogiHimu (Duet)

• SOLO A (3yrs to 8 yrs) – 1st – Sayan Dyuti Bhowmick, 2nd – Aashi Harish Punikar, 3rd – Pahel Thakkar

• SOLO B (9yrs to 15 yrs) – 1st – Baldev Singh, 2nd – Soumyajit Pal, 3rd – Subhangee Das

• SOLO C (16 YEARS ONWARDS) – 1st – Sushant Singh, 2nd – Subhashish Mullick, 3rd (Tie) – Bhushan Tandekar + Souvik Mondal

• DUET (No Age Limit) – 1st – YogiHimu, 2nd – Amazing buddies (Satyam & Simran), 3rd – Kuntal & Bhaskar

• GROUP (Minimum 3) – 1st – The Flow India, 2nd – The Dark Dynasty, 3rd (Tie) – UD gang + Astraa Dance & Fitness Center

• MOM & GRAND MOM – 1st – Kaberi Roy, 2nd – Mun Mun Roy, 3rd – Nisha Upadhyay