The Conclave Organizes Majji Ni Life Food Festival to Present the Best of Gujarati Cuisine

The Conclave at AJC Bose Road organised a preview of “Majji Ni Life” Gujarati Food Festival on Friday December 8 in the presence of Deepak Das, head of The Conclave and celebrity chef Poonam Dedhia presenting an array of the flavourful Gujarati dishes capturing the best of the regional cuisine. The festival is on at The Stallion till December 17, 2023. indulge in aromatic spices, vibrant colours and exquisite dishes that define the heart of Gujarati cuisine.

When asked why is The Conclave doing the Gujarati Food Festival, Mr Das said, “The Conclave have a legacy of hosting food festivals since its inception to tantalize the taste buds of its members who are very well versed with global food palate. Bringing forth the legacy, as we are hosting Gujarati food Festival ” Majja ni Life” curated by our celebrity Chef Poonam Dedhia, who brings lost and traditional recipes from Kutch and and other places to foodies, very much connected to our Indian roots.”

The extensive menu comprises welcome drinks like jamun shots, gudh ka sharbat and kachhey aam, pudina, saunf ka sharbat. The starters include methi na hota, bajra na chamchamiya, surti pyaz ke samose, nylon khanan, stuffed tomato bhujia among other items.

Panchkutiyu shaak, bhinda sambariya, aakhi dungri lasan nu shaak, Gujarati vadha nu daal, Gujarati kadhi, green moong dal khichdi and many other specialties are available in the main course. Apart from rice and breads and chef’s special live counters, the sweet ending to every meal can be guaranteed by having finiya and choorma ladoo and moong dal barfi.

Price for two people is INR 1500 plus taxes with a buffet spread on Sundays.

Talking about “Majji Ni Life”, Miss Dedhia said, “Most people think Gujarati food is all about sweetness. But it’s so much more than that. There is the flavour of chillies, there is sour elements, there are savoury items which are not talked about so much. Also, use of ground slices and traditional recipes of Gujarat is something that we need to promote more. Majji Ni Life gives a different dimension to understanding and taste of Gujarati food.”