Two Women from Kolkata Win ‘Diler Sindhi’ Global Beauty Contest

An event was organized at Morvee Hotel, New Alipur on 22nd April to welcome & honour two housewives from the city of Kolkata who turned themselves into Diler Sindhi global beauty contest winners.

Even in the year of 2023, women seems to stay under the scale of social notice. It’s very hard to get recognition in terms of their independant Identity and it becomes more difficult for housewives to ever achieve their dream in entire lifetime.

Therefore,it doesn’t happen everyday that you get to greet the the kind of fiersome women who break that glass barrier & reach for the sky, who mark their individual identities on a global platform & retain their gentleness of being the caring mother & wife as well.

So when Mrs Rita Murjchandani a pioneer for women uplifting & empowerment along with the President of Sindhi Council of India (East Zone) Mr Mahesh Malkani & President of Ladies Chapter Mrs Daya Das took it upon themselves to provide a platform to honour Diya Lakhmani & Shilpa Raj, two very common Housewives from Kolkata for winning Diler Sindhi global beauty contest .

Shilpa Raj & Diya Lakhmani

The Working Commitee members of Sindhi Council of India (East Zone) also supported this initiatives. They are Geeta Tahlani, Sonal Athwani, Shraddha Khem, Neha Tahlani, Timcy Murjchandani, Bharti Rohra, Preeti Jagwani, Pooja Raj & Mrs Sangeeta Bapuli, Cultural Head of Sindhi Council of India.

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