5000 Students & Parents Participate in Mega Orientation Session of ALLEN Kolkata

ALLEN Career Institute Private Limited, renowned across the country for its preparation of the engineering and medical entrance exams, held its mega orientation session in two shifts at Dhan Dhanya Auditorium in Kolkata on 31st March. ALLEN’s Chief Academic Officer CR Chaudhary addressed the program. About 5000 students and parents attended this session.

The session started with the lighting of lamps and ALLEN prayer. Along with this, a presentation was also given on the journey of 35 years of ALLEN Career Institute. In this, information was given about ALLEN’s results and its activities associated with the social causes.

In the session, ALLEN’s CAO CR Chaudhary told that ALLEN is working with its 35 years of experience and the determination to build the career of students. For ALLEN, student is at the center of every work, whatever changes are made, they are done for the betterment of the student. ALLEN guarantees that every student will get good teachers as per his ability and expectations.

The classes of the students, who have taken admission, are going to start in a few days. Since it is important to know what precautions should be taken after the commencement of the classes so orientations are being organized for this purpose. ALLEN’s goal is imparting education with values. The word career is attached to ALLEN’s name. Our goal is to make the students better human beings along with building their career, so that they can be prepared to serve the family, society and the country.

On this occasion, Zonal Head Rajneesh Srivastava said that ALLEN is moving ahead with determination. This beginning in Kolkata, West Bengal is proving to be a new dimension for the career building of students. Good achievements are being made in a very short time. Just like a plant needs manure, light and water to grow, similarly, we will provide the positive environment and best education that a student needs.

On this occasion, Admin Head Debashish Sanyal said that along with education and facilities, ALLEN treats every student as a family member and also works to provide a safe environment to the student until he/she develops his/her career. If the student has any need after the class, it is also fulfilled. Every need of a student is ALLEN’s need and ALLEN gets satisfied only after fulfilling it.