Desun Hospital’s Swift Medical Intervention Saves Maintenance Worker from Near-Fatal Heart Attack

In a remarkable tale of resilience and expert medical intervention, Mr. Suhas Roy, a 40-year-old maintenance worker from Kasba, was successfully revived after a near-fatal heart attack at Desun Hospital in Kolkata.

On 2nd December, Mr. Roy was rushed to the emergency room of Desun Hospital, located conveniently near his workplace, exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack. The medical team, led by renowned Cardiologist Dr. Sanjib Kumar Patra, initially planned for an angioplasty. However, given the severity of the situation with Mr. Roy’s halted heartbeat, the team immediately shifted gears and performed a life-saving cardiac massage.

While receiving the cardiac massage, Mr. Roy was swiftly moved to the operating theater. Subsequent angiography revealed a critical blockage in his left artery, a condition often associated with high mortality rates. Despite the grim prognosis, the dedicated medical staff at Desun Hospital defied the odds and successfully stabilized Mr. Roy.

Dr. Sanjib Kumar Patra, Cardiologist at Desun Hospital, remarked, “The successful revival of Mr. Suhas Roy is nothing short of a medical marvel. It underscores the importance of quick and precise intervention in critical situations. Our dedicated team worked seamlessly to bring him back from the brink of a life-threatening event.”

Desun Hospital, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to excellence in healthcare, once again demonstrated its capability to handle emergencies with utmost proficiency. The timely and coordinated efforts of the medical staff played a pivotal role in this miraculous recovery.

Mr. Roy’s case serves as a testament to the critical importance of immediate medical attention in cardiac emergencies. Desun Hospital remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare and continues to be a beacon of hope for patients in critical conditions.