Trailer of Mimi Chakraborty’s Debut Web Series ‘Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo’ Launched

Trailer of Hoichoi’s courtroom drama ‘Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo’ launched on 22nd December. The enigmatic Mimi Chakraborty appears as the sharp lawyer Pritha Roy, who is set to fight a legal battle against Joyraj Singha played by the evergreen Tota Roy Choudhary in the series. The National award-winning director Chandrasish Ray is the captain behind the ship – bringing forward this courtroom drama, his first for hoichoi, inspired from true events.

Mimi Chakraborty &Tota Roy Choudhary at the trailer launch event

The Trailer starts off with an incident that took place on New Year’s Eve in Kolkata, mid-2000s, a confrontation involving off-duty officer IC Tapas Saha and other police officers, all in civil attire. The police officers attack Tapas Saha as he tries to stop them from harrassing a couple on a bike, leaving him battered and injured beyond words.

Young and enthusiastic Pritha Roy reluctantly takes on the case, discovering it’s a police va police situation. While she navigates legal complexities, personal and professional challenges intertwine.

The case turns into a murder trial defended by formidable lawyer Joyraj Singha, putting Pritha in more jeopardy. Doubts arise as the narrative shifts, and a shocking arrest occurs under police pressure. Simultaneously, Pritha’s personal life takes unexpected turns, unravelling connections among the characters.

In this courtroom battle between truth and manipulation, political figures are implicated, blurring the lines between good and bad. Facing mounting pressure and battling mental health issues, Pritha decides to fight back.

Excited about her OTT debut, superstar Mimi Chakraborty shared,” Excited about her OTT debut, superstar Mimi Chakraborty shared, “This project holds a special place in my heart for various reasons. Firstly, I finally step into the OTT world. Secondly, the storyline and the thematic content it explores deeply resonated with me from the moment I first encountered it. Upon learning about the narrative and my character, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity. Let’s hope that the audience also embraces and enjoys the Trailer and goes on to watch the show!”

Fan favourite Tota Roy Choudhury, who has done multiple shows with hoichoi, added,” hoichoi has become a kind of my second home and I look forward to returning to it’s warmth and comfort. Playing the character Joyraj presented a challenge due to the various dimensions the character has. Appearing super confident and yet not losing the emotional touch was a tight rope walk! Chandrashish was specific about his vision and it was an absolute pleasure working with someone so passionate and confident. I must also mention that shooting with Mimi and the brilliant ensemble cast was a delightful experience. Lastly, I would request the audience to please watch the show on 5th of January. I guarantee that they will not be disappointed.”

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo, the first show of hoichoi coming out in 2024, will be streaming from 5th of January.