Dr. Amitabha Chanda Performs Groundbreaking Spine Surgery to Give Normal & Professionally Active Life to a Gynecologist

Dr Megha (name changed), a 40 years old distinguished gynecologist from Jamshedpur, was under traumatic condition due to severe back pain that radiated down her legs for several years, impacting her ability to stand, walk, and perform surgeries. Her condition was diagnosed as spondylolisthesis in her lumbar spine, a condition where one segment of the spine slips over another, compressing the nerves supplying the leg muscles and skin. This ailment had severely hindered her professional practice, leading her to take leave and cease clinical work as a gynecologist.

Dr. Megha’s struggles escalated, with her ability to stand or walk without pain diminishing to a mere couple of minutes. Finally, she decided to undergo an advanced and pathbreaking surgery at Narayana Health (NH) RN Tagore Hospital here. Dr. Megha expressed sincere gratitude toward Dr. Amitabha Chanda, the Senior Consultant – Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine) at Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital who performed a groundbreaking spine surgery to give her an active personal and professional life again. Recognizing the severity of Dr. Megha’s situation, Dr. Amitabha Chanda devised a surgical plan to alleviate the pressure on her nerves while stabilizing the unstable spine. The operation involved the use of titanium pedicle screws, rods, and a bone graft-filled cage, which not only restored the slipped segment of the spine but also ensured long-term stability. Dr. Megha After enduring two years of searching for a solution, she finally found relief under the expert care of Dr. Chanda.

Dr. Amitabha Chanda, the Senior Consultant – Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine) at Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital, said, ” Dr. Megha’s case was a complex one, given her need for both nerve decompression and spinal stabilization. It’s a testament to her resilience and deep commitment to her profession that she actively pursued this solution. The surgery was a resounding success, and today, she stands pain-free and fully on her feet. There is no greater reward in our field than the privilege of restoring a patient’s quality of life. It is more rewarding in the sense that she is a doctor and will now able to serve with the same vigour as earlier.”

Following the surgery, Dr. Megha promptly regained her mobility, and within a month, she was back to her daily routine. She returned to her work as a gynecologist, resumed morning walks, and began exercising without experiencing any pain.

Mr. R Venkatesh, Group COO, Narayana Health said, “This groundbreaking spine surgery is a testament to the remarkable advancements in the field of spine surgery. The success of this innovative procedure performed by a highly experienced team highlights our commitment and dedication to improving patient outcomes and making a positive impact on the lives of our patients.”

Dr. Amitabha Chanda’s groundbreaking surgical techniques, supported by the hospital’s commitment to innovation and patient-centric care, have not only restored Dr. Megha’s quality of life but have also paved the way for advancements in spine surgery.

“We are proud to have witnessed the successful application of this advanced spine surgery at our hospital. Also, Dr Megha’s case reminds us that with skill, perseverance, and cutting-edge medical practices, patients can triumph over adversity. It is a shining example of how medical excellence at our hospital continues to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, reaffirming their dedication to the highest standards of healthcare,” concluded Mr. Abhijit CP, Facility Director, NH RN Tagore Hospital.