Kolkata Literary Carnival 2023 Turns Out To Be Absolute Crowd-puller

Held in the City of Joy, Kolkata Literary Carnival (KLC) 2023 finds an abundance of film screenings, readings, talk shows, music performances and meetups with the rising and established literary stars in a culturally charged atmosphere. It was an illustrious literary extravaganza setting up the pace for an annual 3-4 day ‘carnival’ in the city hereon.

Ukiyoto Publishing has trended and been spoken about over the past few years by its authors and writers for its superfast response time surprisingly in the publishing industry. As one of the fastest growing companies in the publishing domain, the company has a financial and network growth of over 200% YoY, showing its mettle in diversification and innovation at a rapid pace.

The KLC 2023 had the screenings of several short films ranging from love stories to thrillers to drama. The films were produced under the company’s Sueños brand which had ventured into retail activities and film making processes. Stories written by authors such Tulika Majumder, Pabitra Adhikary, Paul Hacker and many others were adapted into short films of within 15mins which were screened at the carnival and have the future objective of sending to OTTs, web-channels and film festivals.

The Carnival saw the presence of eminent personalities a, Kaizad Gustad (Director of Bombay Boys, Boom, Jackpot etc.), Dolly Basu (Tollywood actress and theatre artist), Swati Guha (Director of the Institute of Language Studies and Research (ILSR)), Samir Goswami (ex-PR professional as Chief Public Relations Officer of Indian Railways) and many others.

At the Carnival, Ukiyoto also signed an MoU with Final Draft, screenplay writing company based in the U.S. as being their first reseller in India.

The major attraction was the Open Mic where talented youngsters from across the country set the stage on fire with their recitations, musicals, extempore and so on.

Speaking about the company, Ukiyoto Publishing is a traditional publishing company and has created a community of 2000+ domestic and international authors and with over 4500 books published since 2019. To support their authors and ensure their books have a global reach, they have created a robust distribution network in 70+ countries. In fact, they have already published more than 2,00,000 books as paperbacks so far. With their logistics channels, the Global Bookstore can ship paperbacks and hardbacks anywhere in the World.

Ukiyoto’s current manpower and consulting bases are in India, Philippines, Russia and Nigeria where they primarily focus on sourcing books and conducting major offline activities including book distribution, launches, book readings and networking meets.

Starting with India, Ukiyoto has created “Immersive Experience” of blending events and activities with publishing with the objective of encouraging book reading culture and engaging in creative enterprises. Events at other places such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines and Malaysia are soon to follow in 2023.

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