Desun Hospital Saves Suicide Victim from Critical Condition

Kolkata based businessman Sujoy Sardar (name changed), aged 40, was in a life-threatening position following a suicidal poisoning attempt. This is an incredible story of bravery and caring care. At Desun Hospital, where Dr. Mohit Kharbanda, Director of Critical Care, took control of his serious condition, he discovered hope after being turned away by three hospitals.

The tablets which Mr. Sardar has swallowed, caused aspiration and vomit to flood his lungs. When he was finally brought to, his kidneys had failed and his blood pressure and saturation were dangerously low at 60%. Sujoy was admitted and life-saving treatments were started right away by Dr. Kharbanda, who saw the urgency.

He underwent a critical bronchoscopy to remove his compressed lungs, and blood pressure was stabilized with supportive medicines. After quick dialysis, Sujoy was put on ventilator to help with his breathing.

Following ten days of intensive care, Sujoy miraculously recovered and was allowed to leave Desun Hospital. He is no longer under the grip of the depression that drove him to take this desperate action, and he now leads a regular life. Dr. Kharbanda’s routine examinations keep an eye on his development.

Dr. Mohit Kharbanda, Director of Critical Care at Desun Hospital, Kolkata

Dr. Mohit Kharbanda said, “Sujoy’s recovery is a testimonial to the power of timely intervention and thorough treatment. His experience shows how important it is to help and empathize with those who are struggling with mental health issues”.

Desun Hospital is still dedicated to provide kind treatment, giving people in difficult situations hope and recovery. Others who are battling mental health concerns can find inspiration in Sujoy Sardar’s remarkable recovery.