Shopizen Bangla Releases Koushik Das’s Bengali Dark Thriller ‘Shaktirupeno’

Popular publishing house Shopizen Bangla released Koushik Das’s new bengali dark thriller ‘Shaktirupeno’ at Kolkata Press Club on 9th April. Alongside Devil’s Lair, English version of Koushik’s second bengali novel Shoitaner Maa, translated by Mr. Arindam Basu was also launched.

The books were launched in the presence of former Ranji champion Bengal captain, Mr Sambaran Banerjee, Ex-Sports Editor of Anandabazar Patrika and eminent writer Mr Rupak Saha and Anti-Trafficking activist Ms Pallabi Ghosh.

Sambaran, who was also a national selector, recounted the dark saga of match-fixing during the early 2000 and how the Indian team foughtback against the dreaded evil.

Pallabi Ghosh is a crusader who has been fighting a war against human trafficking for the last 20 years. Pallabi and her organisation Impact and Dialogue Foundation is fighting a very tough battle.

“As someone who has rescued human trafficking survivors, I know many of these survivors also suffer from collateral skin injuries like burn marks, cuts, and bruises. However, all that pales in comparison to when a person gets specifically trafficked for their skin. They are held hostage, reared like animals to ensure a fresh supply of skin, and their skin is peeled off, bit by bit, till every bit of usable skin is gone. Imagine the traumat Imagine the degradation of human life to that of an animal or worse! If this crime is not nipped in the bud, it will be a new horror that will surely destroy humanity as we know it.”, said Pallabi.

Author Mr Koushik Das said, “the story of Shaktirupeno is based on skin trafficking. I got to know about this heinous crime from my activist friend Pallabi Ghosh. I hope readers will love the story”.

Shaktirupeno is a dark thriller based on the lesser-known evil of human trafficking. i.e. skin trafficking. Where human skins are peeled off and sold to clients.

The fictional book Devil’s Lair is based on the cricket match-fixing saga of early 2000 which coincided with the rise of a cricketer from Bengal.

Both the books are available at poublishing house’s website .