Actress Debasree Roy to Make OTT Debut with Hoichoi

Debasree Roy, a luminary in the world of bengali cinema, has left an indelible mark with her stellar performances over the years. Now with the changing landscape of entertainment and the surge of digital platforms, the popular Kolkatar Roshogolla actress is embracing a new chapter in her illustrious career. Under the banner of hoichoi, and the creative guidance of director Sourav Chakraborty, “Chemistry Mashi” promises to be a unique narrative in the web space, with Debasree Roy bringing the character of Sucharita Lahiri to life.

A woman in her late fifties, Sucharita Lahiri finds herself at a crossroads in life. Despite thirty years of marriage to a bureaucrat and raising successful children, a conflict within her family prompts her to question her own identity and dignity. Deciding to carve her own path, Sucharita revives her passion for chemistry through an engaging online channel, “Chemistry Mashi,” where she teaches Class 11 and 12 syllabus in a unique and relatable manner. Her popularity gets increased to such a state where she starts teaching students for entrance examination. However, her popularity takes a dark turn when one of her suggested question papers coincidentally matches an exam, triggering accusations of a question paper leak. As the series progress, amidst all of this, her family equations also keep changing.

“Chemistry Mashi” becomes a gripping narrative of resilience, integrity, and the fight against corruption as Sucharita stands up against powerful forces to prove her innocence and unveil a systemic conspiracy.

Veteran actress Debasree Roy shared her excitement, saying “At first, stepping back in front of the camera after a long hiatus feels like a breath of fresh air. However, this time, the medium has changed—it’s on OTT instead of movie theatres. Moreover, it’s a new venture for me, leading to a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation. Working with the entire team of hoichoi and Sourav As a director, has been an amazing experience.”

Sharing his experience, Director Sourav Chakraborty commented, “Chemistry Mashi” in essence, narrates the collective story of mothers who have devoted their lives to household duties, particularly those spent tirelessly in the kitchen. Sucharita Lahiri, portrayed by the talented Debasree Roy, epitomises one such mother. One day, she resolves to break away from the routine she has followed for the past thirty years. However, this decision triggers significant changes and presents numerous challenges in her life. This is the central theme explored in Chemistry Mashi. Reflecting on my filming experience, collaborating with Debasree Roy has been nothing short of a lifetime journey, and hoichoi has evolved into a comforting home for me. Returning to it always brings a sense of warmth and familiarity.”