Corporate Leader Ram K Sharma’s Book on Karma Released in Kolkata

The book ‘Karma and You – Create your own Destiny’ by author Ram K. Sharma was released at ITC Royal Bengal on 28th February.

The book launch event was organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation and supported by Shree Cement as their CSR initiative. Hon’ble Minister of Power, Housing, Youth Services and Sports, Government of West Bengal, Mr. Aroop Biswas was present as the chief guest on the occasion, ITC Chairman and Managing Director Sanjeev Puri was present as guest of honour. The event was graced by Swami Biswadiyanandaji of Belur Math, Executive Trustee of Prabha Khaitan Foundation Ms Anindita Chatterjee and Ehsaas Women of Kolkata Ms Mallika Varma, Gouri Basu, Esha Dutta, Shefali Rawat Agarwal. Ehsaas woman Ms. Jyoti Kapoor had a discussion session with the author Ram K. Sharma about his new release.

Mr Ram K Sharma signing a copy of his book at the book launch event

In the book ‘Karma and You: Create your Own Destiny”, Ram K. Sharma, managing director of the 100-year-old natural cure company Baidyanath, explains how Karma works every minute in our daily life. How it affects us, our family, our children, our relationships and our business. This book talks about Family Karma, Spousal Karma, Corporate Karma, Karma for Wealth, Healing Karma, Karma and Food, Karma and Gossip, Divine Karma, and so on.
Karma is a moral compass that influences our daily lives and guides us on to the right path. Karma is a balance sheet of merits and demerits, good and bad. As the creator of human destiny, Karma is connected to our actions, intentions, attitudes, and desires.

Ram K. Sharma’s book is enriched with quotations from the Rig Veda or religious texts like the Holy Bible, words of sages like Shri Shri Paramahansa, Swami Sivananda, Yogananda, Buddhist spiritual leader Sakyong Mipham, and motivational speaker-author Zig Ziglar.

With an end note we can conclude: As this Karma book comes from the top man of a 100 years old reputed and 100 percent bharatiya company so we can be more hopeful about ethical practices regarding corporate governance in India. In this hard time of prevailing suspicions regarding unethical practices by a big corporate house, Mr Sharma’s book can be a moral and ethical guide for his colleagues across boardrooms of our country.

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